Chen Hsong


Company CHEN DE Plastics Machinery Co. Ltd located in the world's largest industrial region around Canton Pearl River Delta - a patented manufacturing concern in the manufacture of injection molding - the second largest in China, and possibly in the world. Belonging to the group of Chen Hsong Group in Hong Kong. 
Injection molding equipment power range from 800kN up 26000kN 
Its production potential is impressive. The existing factory has been operating since 1987, after the transfer of the new complex, 2007, the new factory hall increases the area of 120,000 m2. It employs more than 1,000 employees, including engineers with their education at European universities. 
CHEN DE Research and Development Division employs more than 50 engineers, and there is close cooperation between the Institute of Chemistry of Beijing and the Beijing State University


NEW in EU market.
  • CHEN DE has more than 50 years of experience in manufacturing injection molding machines
  • Chen Hsong Group is one of the largest injection molding equipment manufacturers in the world. Annual production of 37,000 units (the smallest unit of 800 kN, the largest 26000kN), and with a wide range of clients in almost 70 countries
  • CE certification issued by the appropriate authority of the EU - has confirmed that Chen - Hsong Group meets necessary safety directives, and are allowed to be used in European Union,
  • Energy efficiency - thanks to the Japanese pumps YUKEN known IMM society, Chen - De go further to meet customer needs.
  • A diverse, international and high-quality components:

Calzoni (Italy) - Hydraulic motors,
Bosch, Rexroth (Germany) - solenoid valves, 
YUKEN (Japan) - proportional valves,
Festo (Germany) - pneumatics,
GEFRAN (Italy) - measuring gauges,
Fuji (Japan) - computer / control panel, 
ABB (Switzerland) - electrical components,
Schneider Electric (France) - electrical components.

  • Implemented ISO 9001-2000 quality assurance system and quality control, makes it possible to eliminate defects in manufacturing, developing Chen - Hsong Group as a reliable partner.
  • Rich standard equipment
  • Hydraulic drive with electric drive components injection system
  • EUROMAP connector suitable for any robots
  • Air valves
  • Multi-tier security system installations. Proportional valves, hydraulic, etc.
  • Fuji Machine Controller control panel
  • Full Service in English
  • 10-inch LCD 640 x 480 display
  • Possible casting, injection of gas, hot-channel devices
  • Ability to support 4 cores
  • 10 levels of speed / high pressure injection / pressure plastification
  • 150 form data in memory. The memory of the history of the 100 cases of error detection
  • Oil level alarm switch
  • Software to prevent oil overheating above 600 C +
  • Indication of current temperature on the display
  • Function of the oil hydraulic pump for cooling or heating
  • Automatically stops the machine when safety doors being opened.
  • Solid injection, precise settings
  • Data storage with the opportunity to print 
CHEN DE ISO 9001: 2000 CE certificate confirming compliance with the directives. Equipment manufactured in the EU market. They are issued by the German TÜV Rheinland Product Safety GmbH in Köln / Cologne. 



 EASYMASTER V injection molding machine is one of the many Chen Hsong Group products. Half a century of experience with the industry's leading experts Chen Hsong got VDP energy-saving technology with considerable high efficiency, energy saving resources, speed, precision and affordable price. Now these qualities are combined under the brand name CHENDE. Powerful injection components provide a high injection rate. A special high-speed screw recycles plastics in good quality, while significantly reducing cycle time. It provides a simple solution for the production effectiveness and efficiency.

Cheng Hsong EM offers the following facilities to the clamping force from 80 to 560 tons:

EM80-V, EM120-V, EM150-V, EM180-V, EM220-V, EM260-V, EM320-V, EM400-V, EM480-V and EM560-V

Download EM120-V technical documentation 

The compression unit 

  • Tie bars are made of high tensile, high strength steel, produced in Japan, with chrome plated surface. Minimizes wear on bars.
  • A strong cast in plate ensures durability and reduces distortion.
  • Tiered modes fixing speed and pressure control
  • Automatic Setting high lock position
  • A centralized lubrication system fixed
  • Ejector speed and adjustable pressure, and no need to halt operation, which shortens the cycle time.

Ai-01 Intelligent Networkable Regulator

  • Temperature and pressure sensors (optional), diagnostics and on-line assistant opportunity, this high-performance automated controller provides accurate and efficient process control and fully compatible with modern management systems range in the world.

injection unit 

  • Injection speed, pressure offers five levels
  • PID automatic temperature control, and accuracy of + -1C
  • High precision torque hydraulic motor with 99-step speed control adjusts to the environment.
  • Preventive release device with critically low temperature alarm prevents damage to the injection node.
  • Decompression device that prevents the nozzle from silting


  • Equipped with a high performance oil filter, hydraulic oil is filtered to re-work mode, which means the oil can be a cleaner specifically different from that of new oil. This greatly improves the hydraulic system resources. Equipment noise levels are particularly low during the operation.

Energy saving device 

Optimized hydraulic load determine the degree of VDP (Variable Displacement Pump), very fast delivery of large amounts of energy, according to the actual requirements of the process, while ensuring excellent repeatability. Compared with the conventional fixed pumping systems, VDP technology is not the loss of energy excess amount of oil discharged into the resulting energy savings are considerable from 30 to 50% 
As the heat in the hydraulic system is minimized, is maintained stable temperature control, cooling water can reach 33% or more *. Thus, EM-V series can achieve cost savings of several 
* According to the different product options and cycle times

B & R Controller computer 

B & R is a high performance intelligent touchscreen controller-computer. It is designed and manufactured in Austria, and fully adapted to EU standards and JIS. Supports the latest SMT technology, endowed with stability .. The data can be saved for more than five years without an external power source. Additional options pieslēties network service tests long-range capabilities, etc.. 

Hot Runner Temperature Control 

(Temperature Control - optional) 
Integrated control of up to 40 accuracy (± 1 ° C) with an additional temperature control modules, automatic alarm and stops when a problem with the compression process, which guarantees the quality of the product.

On-line monitoring of PLC measures 

Chen Hsong is one of the first customized programming facilities open to all computer equipment controllers. All PLC programming activities can be monitored on-line in real time. This feature is essential to prevent damage which requires installation and eliminates the problem in a timely manner. 

Maintenance reminder 

Computer equipment maintenance record past and establish a schedule for the next. A reminder will be before the next service, it provides the optimal equipment condition 

Full On-line work instructions 

User-friendly operating instructions and reminders are automatically available to prevent improper use of the machine 

Chen System ™ compatibility with other devices 

With Ai-01 computer connected to iChen System ™, production management and quality control of various machines can be integrated and easily manageable using enterprise-wide information network. 

Cycle time on the monitor 

The possibility to dynamically monitor the actual time consumed by each step in the process of forming 

Operation of control 

The operation procedure can be monitored in real time over the network 
The telecommunications monitoring capabilities 

Human Resource Management 

Password login with secure access to all machine operation 
Easy to track and monitor the entries and schedule 
Resource management and production planning can be done by any computer tiešsaistītes 

Information control 

Centralized database makes it easy to track and analyze information
Accurately reflect the actual production status effective decision making • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes
Real time web analytics, Heat map tracking