SHENZHEN HERO-TECH Refrigeration Equipment Co., founded in Taiwan in 1996, the basic direction - professional industrial cooling (chiller) manufacturer.

Experience in industrial water cooler, screw cooler, low-temperature cooler, oil cooler, laser chiller, water and air coolers and other products.
Coolers are equipped with high quality temperature controllers, cooling towers and pumps / reservoirs.
We offer a wide range of process cooling solutions, starting with our standard models to complex solutions able to integrate and customize your entire factory system.
Hero-Tech sales philosophy is the cornerstone of ensuring 100% sales service to customers. We can offer the best and most flexible possibility of individual approach to each request to ensure the quality and precision.
HERO-TECH is a long lasting equipment at very competitive prices.
Uppon purchasing, Hero-Tech offers a fast, responsive and efficient customer service facility to facility maintenance and service issues.
Hero-tech cooling devices have been adapted and compatible with different equipment manufacturers. We offer both small and bundled solutions for following groups: plastic injection molding, blow molding, film, profiles, pipe extrusion, various chemical process plants, medicine and pharmacy, welding, cutting, profiling, polishing, grinding, etc.

Chiller catalogue 2011


HTI-3A 2 HTI-5A 2 HTI-10AD 2 HTI-20AD 1


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