TAMPOPRINT company is specialized in pad printing, laser engraving and direct-printing equipment manufacturing and is one of the leading companies not only in Europe but all over the world! 
TAMPOPRINT since 1956 has received more than 160 patents for new technologies. 
As a family company, it has recommended itself very seriously and thoroughly. Located in Kornwestheim (near Stuttgart). Company offices are located all over the world and has many subsidiary companies, which carries the name TAMPOPRINT. Clyro represents German company for more than 10 years in the Baltic market. 
Without a highly developed internal company structure, order and pedantic highly skilled workers, this orderly system would not be possible. 
Wide range of equipment manufactured by TAMPOPRINT, ranging from simple one-color and two-color semiautomatic pad printing machines, which are intended for print advertising (pens, key-rings, lighters, etc.) needs, to a complex automated equipment for industrial printing up to 6 colors-(bottle cap, perfume packaging printing, etc.) 
Large-scale "inkjet" printing machines which can print on any flat surface (wood, metal, plastic, glass, etc.) up to half a meter thick! 
YAG lasers and other industrial engravers. 
Quality and infinite development is one of the cornerstones of for Tampoprint. 
TAMPORPINT offers its customers the raw materials (paint, squeegees, tampons, etc.) 
Each year, the company participates in leading exhibitions in Europe, attended by a large number of stakeholders from around the world. 
More information can be found on the company's website tplogo170_internet

Tampon catalog    TAMPOPRINT accessories catalog

Our TAMPOPRINT support team in Riga will be glad to help you find a solution, equipment, parts and necessary option for purchase. 
Service representative will come to you to carry out maintenance and consulting you at your convenience! 
Welcome to your questions and expectations tampon in business! 

TAMPOPRINT team in Latvia - Lithuania - Estonia

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